Why We Fence

  • We fence because we are passionate about the sport and the community
  • We fence to strengthen our bodies and our minds
  • We fence because we want to be challenged as individual athletes and as a team
  • We fence because it’s exhilarating to get that touch and know you left your heart on the strip
  • We fence because we like to stab our friends
Why will you fence?

Why Research Triangle Fencing
Like all sports, success in fencing requires practice, but it also takes patience, determination and grit. And our coaches and team mates have those qualities in abundance. Everyone is a beginner at some point, so our coaches understand what it feels like to pick up that weapon for the first time. But our coaches have also competed nationally and globally, even at the Olympics. So they understand high intensity competition and can coach you through every nuance. At Research Triangle Fencing, we will help you focus your abilities, giving you the tools necessary to fence at your desired level. We are your fencing family, your cheering squad, we will push you but never give up on you.

We are Research Triangle Fencing

The Competitive Edge
Our athletes travel around the globe representing the club, fencing at all levels of competition. Get to know our athletes and see why Research Triangle Fencing has been named a “Best Fencing Club” by the National Fencing Club Rankings.

For 2015-2016, we are:
#1 in North Carolina in Youth Men’s Sabre
#1 in North Carolina in Cadet Women’s Foil

Full & Half Day Summer Camps

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