Diamond Mind Mental Skills Clinic

Taught by National Champion, former world team member, and mental performance coach Corwin Duncan, this clinic focuses on mental skills for fencing under pressure and includes on-strip practice in challenging bouting scenarios.

This clinic is designed to help you fence better in high-pressure situations: At 14-14, when you’re behind, or when you’re fencing the final of an important competition.

We will use neuroscience-based techniques that will keep you calm under pressure and make sure you can do your best no matter what.

This is for competitive fencers ages 13 and up, including senior and veteran fencers, and is for all three weapons.

“I really liked the clinic, I thought it was… The biggest thing I drew out of it… sometimes I was doing stuff and I didn’t realize I was practicing my mental skills… that session allowed the kids to recognize when they were doing it, and just starting that conversation is a massive first step.”
Marcus Mepstead (2019 World Champ. Silver Medalist, Men’s Foil)

“I invited Corwin to the club because when I went to coach at the Olympics it was clear that the mental game was a big factor for everyone there. He taught several mental techniques and helped fencers practice them during bouts. His clinic is good, and I would recommend it to other coaches and fencers.”
Andrey Geva (2020 US Olympic Coach, Women’s Epee)

Date: Sunday June 26

Time: 9am – 12:30pm

Location: Research Triangle Fencing

Cost: $100

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Corwin Duncan : 3x National Champion and Junior World Championships Team member for Men’s Epee